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Facial 4D Scans - Age over 35!
Facial 4D Scans - BMI over 29!
Facial 4D Scans - BMI under 18!
Body Composition, 3D Scans and MRI, male OR female Participants, BMI >25 FULL
Continuous rating of motion quality in the CyberPod Simulator FULL
Continuous rating of motion quality in the Hexapod Simulator FULL
Detection of neural causes of motor performance with tACS stimulation and EEG recording. FULL
Evaluation einer Smartphone App zur Hirnstrommessung // Evaluating a smartphone app for brain wave measurement FULL
Face Recognition (3) - 2 short experiments FULL
Facial 4D Scans - FaMoS! FULL
Individual and Collaborative puzzle solving in Virtual Environments III (Puzzle task) FULL
Individual and Collaborative Search in Virtual Environments III FULL
Judgments about natural scenes FULL
Puzzle-solving in virtual reality 2 FULL