Visual scanning and perception thresholds (2/2) with EEG


Only invited participants are allowed to participate in this study.

You will be asked to look at the center of a screen until a circular target appears somewhere else on the screen. Your task is to decide whether the stripes within that circle are tilted to the left or to the right and to press a respective button. While you do so, we will measure your physiological state using skin electrodes on your head as well as around your eyes.


two sessions, approximately 4-5 hours each, this includes training and calibration of the system to the user




Only invited participants can participate in this study.

The following requirements are compulsory and will have to be met for reasons related to safety and the study's scientific purpose. Please read before registering.

The participant must
- have normal uncorrected vision (contact lenses are fine, but NO glasses),
- have hair on the head that is no shorter than 3cm.
- be between 18 and 30 years old.
- NOT be taking medication that effects the central nervous system,
- NOT suffer from any neurological or neurodegenerative disorders (e.g., epilepsy, depression),
- NOT carry any contagious disease on the day of testing,
- NOT wear any hair products (e.g., wax) on the day of testing.

The experiment will be conducted in a small, dark cubicle.

Please send me your head size in cm (as measured e.g. here at least one day before the experiment, so I can prepare accordingly!! Otherwise you cannot participate and will be sent home!
To participate, you need a size of 54-60cm.