FaceTalk - Male Participants Only!


The goal of this project is to explore facial motion and speech. You will be scanned in our 4d face scanner while performing several facial expressions. You'll be asked to read a text and have a conversation with the experimenter while being captured. Your voice will also be recorded. For parts of the experiment we will apply small stamps and make up (compact powder) on your face.
The data we collect will be a part of a data set which can also be shared with other researchers. You have to agree for your data, including videos and pictures of your face, 4d scans and audio recordings, to be shown in scientific publications and shared with other researchers! Before the experiment you will have to sign a document, specifying you are giving us the rights to show your face in publications and share the data. If you do not agree to that you will be sent home without any payment!

(No time slots before August 30!)


1 appointment, 3 hours (1 hour preparation at home, 2 hours for the experiment)


8 Euro/hour


Participants should speak English fluently. They should be able to read without glasses from a screen in front of them (contact lenses are OK).