fMRI Experiment: Visual Processing of Faces and Line Patterns


Please note you must contact the experimenter via email to arrange times for the experiment. Times are flexible depending on the availability of the MRI scanner and your availability.
Please read the exclusion criteria carefully.

In this experiment you will view images of faces and line patterns and make judgments as to whether pairs of faces and line patterns are the same or different.


2 hours and 15 minutes


12 euro per hour


The MRI scanner works with a magnetic field, so it is important that you don't have any metal parts in your body. Please check if you answer yes to all the points below, or contact the experimenter via email if you are unsure about whether you fit the criteria or not.

You must be able to communicate in English.

If you wear glasses they must be between +6 and -6 in strength (we can give you glasses to wear inside the scanner in this range). Contact lenses are also fine.